• 2020-09-28

    On September 28, 2020, a photography training session with the theme of “Capturing Autumn Colors” was held in the College of Control Science and Engineering. The invited speaker is Dr. FANG Wei from the College of Optical Science and Engineering, who lectures one the most popular photography courses on campus. Approximately 30 faculty members and students attended the session, including members of the CSE International Communications Team.Dr. Fang carried out the lecture from six aspects: lens and angle of view, aperture and shutter selection, how to correct exposure, composition analysis of a picture, conference photography, as well as mobile photography. Combined with his rich theoretical knowledge and shooting experience, he explained practical photography knowledge in a humorous way, and thus the trainees were able to easily acquire the basic principles, shooting modes and key techniques. Plenty of photographic works, which are vivid and attractive, were shared at the session, backing his theory.After the lecture, participants passionately communicated with Dr. Fang. Dr. Fang also encouraged everyone to practice more and more in daily life to further improve photographic sense and skills.Reporter: ZHAI RuikunEditor: WANG Jing

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  • 2020-07-10

    Surprisingly, this is a brilliant sunny day.Today is a rare sunny day.Accompanying the graduation is another rainy season. We met each other at the end of a rainy season at ZJUCSE but said farewell to each other at the beginning of another rainy season.The sudden epidemic broke this graduation season and the parting was so fast that it was too late for sadness and memories. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic shorten the last time together and it is too hurried to feel sad and memorize our life here But fortunately, although  the meeting has become a luxury in this special summer, we can reunite today and leave write/draw our collective memories together on our graduation photos.The glorious sunshine makes it difficult to open my eyes and smile. I took a deep breath to savor the taste of summer, which is a combination of sunshine, glass, sweat and laughter, and it has not appeared for a long time. I worked hard to manage my expressions, trying to leave the most handsome side in the memories of myself and my classmates, but finally compromised with a fatuous smile in the sunshine of the midsummer.The distance from the 5th student dormitory to the School of Control is only 720 meters, but it is long enough to store each day spent on the Yuquan campus in  every one meter. When I walked along the path to the laboratory in the past, I always felt that the slope was so long and steep that it made me pant. But today, I just want to walk slower, slower, and slower, so that I can  fulfill my memories step by step along the way.Although we missed the Sakura blooming at the Yuquan campus in April this year , we have harvested the summer greenery on time. Let us pretend that the Sakura are still in full bloom, and put a Zhejiang University badge on this former flower road. Countless adjustments and retakes, just for a most complete and symmetrical photo. It seems that only by doing so can we have no regrets in my college life I just wish this eagle that will take off today!Four years ago, I came to Hangzhou, an unfamiliar city, with my backpack and embarked on the most important journey of my life. I have studied and lived with the support of my classmates and teachers, striving to become a better self.Now, I put myself in a bachelor's suit into the frame, awkwardly signed my name on the signature wall, took away the seal called "Son of Seeking Truth", faded the halo of Zhejiang University students, and draw a beautiful stop for these four years.What happen in the past Four yearslike a story in a dream, with tearsand joy accompanying all the way.The sun has emerged from the clouds, then it is time for us to set off again!Happy Graduation!Reporter: LI Weiheng

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  • 2019-05-25

    Adhering to the concept of integrating science and education, the State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control and Technology held its annual public open day on May 19th, 2019. It was offered free of charge to the entire society, since the key is to spread ideas and promote public awareness of science and technology. Videos, models, prototypes and real robots were brought to the scene by CSE researchers, and they were introduced in a plain and vivid way to make the public of all ages accessible to technological innovation.The day was divided into two sessions by the lunch break. The morning section included themes of Aerial Robots, Bicycle Elfectronic Fences, Mobile Phone Indoor Navigation, as well as Nature and Robots. In the afternoon, the piano robots and painting robots created a different art experience for the guests.The research of aerial robot mainly focuses on the control navigation and image processing technology. This team realizes the autonomous navigation and landing of the drone. By installing the four-rotor to the drone, they make vertical take-off and landing come true. Taking off vertically, the drone will then switch to the normal horizontal flight mode, and the computer carried by the drone will plan a path for flying. Later when the mission is completed, the drone will look for the landing field with QR code using a camera, and then switch back to the vertical mode for descending.When it comes to bionic robots, Dr. REN Qinyuan opened the gate of his robotic zoo by animals like squid, snake and spider. Traditional bionic robots have relatively weak perception and adaptability of environment, as Dr. Ren introduced, but we can learn from real animals. By designing artificial mechanical systems that are similar to biological systems, researchers use controlled algorithms to transfer the ability of animals to artificial machinery. Take the mechanical snake as an example, it could quickly advance according to the specified route and avoid obstacles at the same time. As for the mechanical fish that could swim steadily in water, building a high-speed camera system to capture the movement of real koi fish by three-dimensional reconstruction is essential. He also showed the environmentally-adaptive hexapod mechanical spider made by his team.Dr. Ren asked if anyone wanted to try it out for himself, and with the voice many young viewers highly raised their hands one after another.With special gloves, the viewers were able to control the movement of the spider. It seems that Iron Man is not far away from us, isn’t it?!In the afternoon, piano-performing robot and painting robot made CSE more of an amusement park. The piano robot performed with two fingers actuated by robotic arms, which were controlled to perform the musical composition by parsing the musical score into a series of key sequences.On the other side, as soon as the viewers complete their works on a tablet, the painting robot would drive a pen to reproduce the painting, attracting many viewers to line up for a try.In addition, 5G communication, the cutting-edge technology at the moment, participated in the show. 5G communication is characterized by broad bandwidth and fast speed, which makes the realization of remote driving possible. Usually the real-time requirement for driving is extremely high, and half a second in promotion of reaction time may avoid a traffic accident. Remote driving vehicles are often cursed by safety problems due to excessive control delay, however, the emergence of 5G brings the dawn of long-distance driving.Under the instruction, children were driving a car 10-km away on a square.According to the host, the day attracted more than 600 groups of applicants to sign up in merely two days after the notice was released. Besides ZJU faculty, employees of sci-tech enterprises like Supcon and Insigma also actively bring their children to visit and learn. “Indeed, it reflects the charm of the interdisciplinary study”, a professor of the ZJU Ocean College came here all the way with his children and said he himself got inspired a lot. For instance, the aerial robot may be applied in multiple ways to protect marine resources, and one of them is inspection during the forbidden fishing period. The CSE college was founded in 1956. For more than 60 years, CSE people have built a history of excellence in education and discovery, and the college is now one of the most prestigious research and education bases in the area of industrial process control in China. By the open-day event, it hopes to motivate the young generation and inspire the public to know the charm of science and technology. “Green comes from blue, but it excels blue.” Like the old Chinese saying goes, it looks forward to more sci-tech explorers to join. Reporter: YU Hongxiang, WANG ZhichengEditor: WANG Jing

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  • 2019-05-24

    Why do we fall?So that we can learn to control the error,and pick ourselves up.By WANG NingAutomation (Control) Class 15013rd Prize, 2019 CSE Three-Line Poem ContestThe Three-line Poem Contest is one of the featured student activities of CSE. It is a poem-writing contest that held on a yearly basis around May and open for all CSE faculty, students and Alumni. This year it received nearly 70 works and 15 came out with prizes after rating. Thank you for your enthusiasm and see you next year!

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  • 2019-05-06

    It is commonly known that Hangzhou is a livable city for human beings. What is it like for others? --Today we will highlight another side of Hangzhou at the city botanical garden and zoo.Hangzhou Botanical Garden is adjacent to the ZJU Yuquan Campus, which only takes a 5 minutes walk from the south gate. The garden has a wonderful environment filled with fragrance of flowers and birds' twitter. It is blessed to have such a natural oxygen bar in the downtown area. Walking along the stone path, the winding streams murmur around you with fish shuttling between the stones. The distant peaks are partly visible among the lush vegetation with reflection in the crystal clear water.Because of the excellent ecological environment, all kinds of cherished birds take here as their home, attracting photography enthusiasts all over the city to capture pictures with all kinds of cameras.It is a paradise for children and is very suitable for family outings. Children are excited to stay at the lakes and interact with fish as if they use the same language. It is a good chance to experience the vitality and charm of nature.Moreover, you cannot miss the moment wandering in the sculptures and paintings that of miraculous creation at the Han Meilin Art Gallery in the park. Mr. Han is famous for his design of Beijing Olympic Games Mascot, Fuwa.Finally, you come to Yuquan Fish Leap, one of the most famous attractions in the garden, and even the Yuquan Campus was named after it. Big fish slowly swim in the water, just like the city that well manages her own pace between development and leisure.Hangzhou Zoo is next to the Tiger Run Park, a little further away from the campus. It takes about 20 minutes driving along the Yanggong Dike.Compared with the quiet botanical garden, here it is more likely to make friends of different species. Lions, tigers, leopards, wolves, elephants, giraffes, alpacas, brown bears, reptiles and rare birds  are all gathered like a tiny world next door.Pandas, our national treasure, are undoubtedly the biggest stars of the zoo. The panda hall is usually overflowed with tourists, with children sitting on the shoulders of parents merely for a glance. Our national treasures in contrary, sit in the corner at ease and hold fresh bamboo without a break as if no one exists.With regard to the biggest star in water, sea lions are second to none. They seem to understand human feelings. Besides taking an individual photo with her, you will get a gentle kiss on cheek if lucky.April 22 is the Earth Day. In Hangzhou, humanity and natural landscape are perfectly integrated, and you can truly feel the harmony between man and nature. It is a lovely home for not only human beings but also diverse creatures. In its arms, we College of Control Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University has also been committed to energy conservation and emission reduction for promoting sustainable development. Why don’t you come and take a personal look at it? Reporter & Photo: YU HongxiangEditor: WANG Jing

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  • 2019-04-05

    Flowers bloom in springtime, and one of the most intoxicating ones are cherry blossoms. -- Is there any attraction to enjoy cherry blossoms close at hand?You might think of the Prince Bay Park, where the cherry blossoms there are like rosy clouds, and form a beautiful scenery together with the streams. Or the Breeze-ruffled Lotus beside the West Lake, you might think. However, neither of them can we walk there in 10 minutes. Photo: YU HongxiangIn fact, in Yuquan Campus there is a forest  of cherry blossoms right here under your nose, just between the CSE Institute of Cyber-Systems and Control (CSC) and CSE Old Building.Photo: NI YinjiePhoto: CAO ZhengStanding in the forest, the pink petals hover over the top of the head. Within the flower cluster, industrious bees are working collecting nectar. The forest has attracted many students, teachers and citizens to take pictures.Photo: PAN YangSelect a sunny weekend, you can rug the blanket and have a picnic under the flowers. Have fun by eating sandwiches and enjoying the sunshine that falls through the petals at the same time. Photo: YU HongxiangStudents are embracing graduation in this season. Graduates take group photos in the cherry blossoms, capturing the most beautiful commemoration of campus life.Photo: YU HongxiangThe terrace on the third floor of the CSC Institute is also a wonderful place to enjoy blossoms. Looking down, the white wave of flowers is dotted with pink. If you look far into the distance, the forest is integrated with the mountain, as if you are in a paradise.Photo: YU HongxiangAt the end of March, it still rains a lot in Hangzhou. After a spring rain, the flowers fall all over the lawn. Stepping on the carpet made of blossoms, it seems to be in a fairytale.Photo: YU HongxiangWe meet every flower once in our lifetime. Come to Yuquan, cherish this breath-taking moment with us and look forward to the next blossom.Reporter: YU HongxiangEditor: WANG Jing

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  • 2018-10-08

    On September 3rd, 2018, a team of 40 undergraduate Automation majors of the College of Control Science and Engineering (CSE), Zhejiang University arrived in Singapore and started a 5-day academic journey. The team was led by Prof. HOU Dibo, Vice Dean of the college, Dr. REN Qinyuan, Ms. WANG Jing and Ms. XIE Yingfeng. Despite the time limit, the journey was designed from an all-round perspective. It covered visits to universties and research institutes including Singapore University of technology and Design (SUTD), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR); industrial visits to Singapore Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and International Intelligent Machines Co. Ltd.; as well as ecological and cultural visits to NEWater, Marina Barrage, NUS Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and National Museum of Singapore. A Visit to Sustainable Singapore Gallery A Visit to Institute for Media Innovation (IMI), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) A Visit to Rapid-Rich Object Search Lab (ROSE), NTU A Visit to Control Research Lab, National University of Singapore (NUS) A Visit to Temasek Lab, NUS A Visit to BioMedical-Electromagnetics Group, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) Group Photo in NUS A Lecture by Professor Zhiping Lin, NTU A Lecture by Professor Haizhou Li, NUS A Lecture by Dr. Shaoying Huang, SUTD A Lecture by Dr. Yan Wu, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) A Visit to Action Community for Entrepreneurship A Visit to International Intelligent Machines Co., Ltd. A Visit to NEWater A Visit to Marina Barrage A Visit to NUS Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) A Visit to the National Museum of Singapore Merlion, the Landmark of Singapore

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