The CSE college offers undergraduate program in Automation.

This program focuses on principles and methods for designing and controlling engineered and natural systems. It covers all the major aspects of control engineering, systems modeling and simulation, with applications ranging from classical control system design to optimal adaptive and intelligent control systems. It also emphasizes the multidisciplinary character of the field, specific areas of interest include automation technology, instrument technology, information technology, computer technology, robotic technology etc.

Program Objectives:

This program is designed to produce students with sound personality, consolidated knowledge of natural science as well as overall capacity of humanity and social science. 

They are expected to acquire 

1) consolidated basic theory, specialized knowledge and technology of automation and related fields; 

2) the ability to propose questions and solve problems in automation and related fields; 

3) the ability to track and develop new theory, knowledge and technologies in automation and related fields; 

4) good ability in independent work and lifelong learning; 

5) good ability in communication and teamwork; 

6) good international perspective and innovative spirit, who are internationally competitive talents in automation and related fields. 

About five years after graduation, the graduates are expected to become the backbone of engineering applications or scientific research in automation, instruments and related fields.

Learning Outcomes:

Graduates are expected to acquire the following knowledge or skills:

1) To acquire a sound personality with good sense of social responsibility and assuming responsibility;

2) To acquire consolidated knowledge of natural science as well as overall capacity of humanity and social science, with good professional qualities;

3) To establish a solid foundation of mathematics and expertise, with the ability to find, analyze and solve problems as well as a sense of independent learning and lifelong learning;

4) To establish a comprehensive system concept and strong basic capabilities in the design, development and application of automation and related systems;

5) To acquire the basic ability to conduct scientific research, knowledge or technological innovation;

6) To acquire relatively strong career adaptability with good independent research, teamwork and organizational management skills;

7) To acquire a good international vision with the basic ability to track and develop new professionally-related theories, knowledge and technologies.

About 40% our graduates further their graduate-level study either here at ZJU or aboard. Career opportunities range from project engineers, systems and control engineers, and computer systems integrators across a wide range of industrial sectors. The career prospects are therefore excellent, particularly as the output of Control's Engineers from universities is insufficient to meet the demands of employers.

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