From the Executive Dean Prof. CHENG Peng

Welcome to the College of Control Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University!

The CSE college was founded in 1956. For more than 60 years, we CSE people have built a history of excellence in education and discovery, and our college is now one of the most prestigious research and education bases in the area of industrial process control in China. 

National and international research labs and centers are instituted in our CSE college , which includes the Institute of Industrial Process Control, the Institute of Smart Sensing and Measurement, the Institute of Cyber-Systems and Control, Institute of Industry Intelligence and Systems Engineering, Institute of Control Equipment and Comprehensive Safety, the State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology, the National Engineering Research Center for Industrial Automation, The National Engineering Lab of Industrial Control System Security Technology, The National International-Joint Research Centre of Quality-targeted Process Optimization and Control, and an experiment and teaching center for automation. 

By 2022, there are 160 full-time faculty and staff members with 90 full professors and research fellows in the broad area of Automation, more than 600 registered undergraduates and 700 students pursuing Master Degree and Ph.D. Degree, more than 30 among whom are degree-seeking international students.

We have made significant contributions to advance the overall level of the industrial process automation in China. Various awards such as Scientific Technology Progress Award are received annually in both national and provincial level. The core areas of our research include:

(1) Industrial Intelligence and Optimization Control: Industrial Big Data, Knowledge Automation, Large-scale System Optimization, Distributed Coordinated Control, Intelligent Manufacturing, Smart Factory, etc.

(2) Robotics and Intelligent Unmanned Systems: Perception, Planning, Control, Coordination, Learning and Decision, etc.

(3) Cyber Security and Safety for Industrial Control Systems: Cyber Security, Industrial Internet Security, Networking Security, Intrusion Detection and Evaluation, Security Protection and Defense, Fault Diagnosis and Health Management, Safety Management & Assessment, Industrial Safety & Security Protocol, Cryptography and Security Algorithms, etc.

(4) Smart Sensing and Measurement: Intelligent Perception, Biology Perception, Intelligence Evaluation and Early Warning, Highly Adaptable Optical Detection, High-precision Microfluidic Analysis, Micro-nano Detection Technology and Instrument, Quantum Perception, Quantum Computing and Measurement and Control, etc.

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