ZJU holds Opening Assembly for Class of 2026

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On the evening of September 8, the Zhejiang University Opening Assembly for the Class of 2026 was held on Zijingang Campus.

President WU Zhaohui delivered a welcoming speech at the Opening Assembly. He urged freshmen to grow into a new generation capable of shouldering responsibilities with their firm belief in the ideal of rejuvenating our great nation, innovative talents equipped with the skills of seeking truth, and globally competitive leaders with a broad vision of harmonizing the whole world. “I hope that you will live up to the promise of your youth and the expectations of your times, and taking the spirit of a first-class university in the new era as your guide, write a more brilliant chapter of your life in Qiushi Garden,” said WU Zhaohui.

Prof. LI Hanying at the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering spoke on behalf of faculty and staff. He encouraged freshmen to pursue excellence and shoulder responsibility. He hoped that every student would uphold the motto of “seeking truth and pursuing innovation” and take the initiative in integrating personal aspirations with national prosperity and rejuvenation with passion and confidence.

“The motto of ‘seeking truth and pursuing innovation’ is the cornerstone of my academic career,” said CAS Fellow MA Yugang, a distinguished nuclear physicist and alumnus representation. He suggested that freshmen should aspire to serve the country through their studies, cultivate independent and innovative thinking and develop an outlook on life from a “little self” to a “big self”.

TANG Jiale spoke as a freshman representative. “As we meet here by River Qiantang, we should bear in mind the country’s most fundamental interests, and undertake the historical mission of ZJUers,” said TANG, “I will have high aspirations and develop a keen sense of responsibility for the entire humanity; I will study hard and search high and low for knowledge; I will keep the initiative and determination to seek truth; I will ride on the light of Zhejiang University to chase the light of society and China.”

At the Opening Assembly, a Fei Gong lamp was passed around from the old generation of Zhejiang University to incoming freshmen, symbolizing that each freshman will embark on their journey of seeking truth and pursuing innovation, thereby writing a new chapter of their life.

Starting today, a new cohort of students will share the honorable title of “ZJUer” with many brilliant names in history and take on the responsibility for the country and society together.

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