(1)Follow the international direction of disciplinary development; bring up strategic, creative and prospective research ideas to lead the discipline to keep on the leading edge, maintain or surpass the international advanced level;

    (2)Be oriented towards China’s significant strategic demands and the leading edge of international science and technology; apply for and conduct key national scientific research projects with enthusiasm; conduct original researches on significant theoretic and practical issues; aim at breakthroughs and remarkable achievements.

    (3)Teach core courses, and supervise graduate students.

    (4)Introduce excellent academic talents to join the local high-level staff in the University to build a teaching and research team; guide young teachers and cultivate the members of academic echelon; facilitate international academic communication and research cooperation.


    “Qiushi Special-Term Professor” is similar to CKSSTP in terms of all the qualifications except that applicants must be under 55 years of age and work full time during the tenure of the office.

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