• YE Song

    Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of CSE

    Tel: +86-571-87952125
    Personal Homepage: https://person.zju.edu.cn/en/ys
    E-mail: yesong@zju.edu.cn
    Job Responsibility: Manages Party Committee affairs

  • FAN Jufen

    Office of Alumni Liaison

    Tel: +86-571-87951678
    E-mail: jffan@zju.edu.cn
    Job Responsibility: Alumni liaison and Labor Union

  • HE Yushan

    Office of  Alumni Liaison

    Tel: +86-571-87951678

    E-mail: heyushan@zju.edu.cn
    Job Responsibility: Alumni liaison affairs

  • HUANG Yiming

    Office of Research Management & Strategic Development

    Tel: +86-571-87952407
    E-mail: ymhuang@zju.edu.cn
    Job Responsibility: Research management & strategic development

  • LI Qingqing

    Office of General Affairs

    Tel: +86-571-87951611
    E-mail: qqhaitang@zju.edu.cn
    Job Responsibility: Party affairs

  • LI Xuhua

    Office of General Affairs

    Tel: +86-571-87951135
    E-mail: lixuhua@zju.edu.cn
    Job Responsibility: Human resources

  • LOU Yanshan

    Office of General Affairs

    Tel: +86-571-87952457
    E-mail: louyanshan@zju.edu.cn
    Job Responsibility: Faculty affairs, domestic cooperation

  • SONG Yueqi

    Office of General Affairs

    Tel: +86-571-87951392
    E-mail: songyueqi@zju.edu.cn
    Job Responsibility: Administration assistance

  • WANG Jing

    Office of General Affairs

    Tel: +86-571-87953386
    Personal Homepage: https://person.zju.edu.cn/en/jw
    E-mail: wangjing325@zju.edu.cn
    Job Responsibility: International relations

  • XIE Yiling

    Office of Educational Affairs

    Tel: +86-571-87952458
    E-mail: fxx1032@zju.edu.cn
    Job Responsibility: Undergraduate academic affairs

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