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Hey! Did you realize that the CSE English website has been relaunched for more than one year? Have you ever been curious about who are running it behind the scene?

In fact, it is not "Someone" but a team called CSE International Communications Team.

During the year, the team memebers have tried best to present the CSE college for you. They complete introductions, report news, update events, make interviews, display life on campus and charm of Hangzhou as well as capture the breath-taking moments, from the romantic cherry blossoms in spring to the fairy-like snow in winter.

They try to design publicity materials including brochures, leaflets, folders, slides, etc., learning by doing even if they have never done them before just to give you a diverse perspective.

They care about what you want, and chase what you love.

On the last day of the year 2019, let's zoom in and get to know these amazing people



YU Hongxiang

Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Cyber-Systems and Control - Class 2017/2

Research Direction: Robotics

About Me

I stay in laboratory doing research or writing code for the most of my time, but go out for exercise regularly. I am a fan of keeping small animals and Ive raised cats, dogs, hamsters and turtles. Another label of mine is an amateur food critic. I have tried almost all the restaurants around Yuquan Capmus, and I guess that somehow makes me a major contributor in reporting student life.

To 2019

Our team is awesome! I am very lucky to work here to meet so many great friends.



Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Industrial Process Control - Class 2018/4

Research Direction: Process System Engineering

Student Leader of the CSE WeChat Official Account

About Me

 I enjoy discovering the unknown and believe connection is better than isolation. I am working on large-scale optimization of air seperation process and also interested in aeronautical or space applications. I am satisfied with my research and eager to create more value.

To 2019

Witnessing highlights and looking forward!


REN Tong

Postgraduate, Institute of Industrial Process Control - Class 2018/1

Program: Cyberspace Security

About Me

Open your WeChat and scan my code. -- from someone who doesnt know how to introduce herself.

To 2019

 Keep learning and growing in the warm team CSE Intl Comm.


Postgraduate, Institute of Smart Sensing and Measurement - Class 2018/1

Program: Smart Sensing and Measurement

About Me

I am an outgoing person and a fitness enthusiast. I live with my sincere heart.

To 2019

I can act on them. And I do.


NI Yinjie

Undergraduate, Automation(Control) Class 1604

About Me

I enjoy international commuications with a specialty in photography, and I sincerely hope the CSE college would be more well-known world-wide.

To 2019

In the team I mainly takes charge of photography and design, which enhances my competency in visual publicity. I work very well with all the team members and feel so joyful to see all the plans became reality.


WANG Zhicheng

Undergraduate, Automation(Control) Class 1602

About Me

A 22-year-old guy with 12-year experience in robotics.

To 2019

It is definitely one of the most exciting experiences in my undergraduate years working for the CSE Intl Comm. It gives me a brand new perspective to perceive the achievement of the CSE college, and a lot more confidence to be a better me in it.


Want to meet us in person? There are still 12 hours to come in the year 2019:p 

Wherever you are, in 2020 we would continue trying our best to present a more vivid CSE for you. 

We are CSEICT, and we wish you all a Happy New Year!

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