"2019, CSE Everlasting" --CSE Held New Year's Party

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On December 24, 2018, the New Year’s Party of the College of Control Science and Engineering (CSE), Zhejiang University revealed itself in Yongqian Auditorium, Yuquan Campus, for the grand celebration for the incoming year 2019. Because the number 9 in Chinese has the same pronunciation as the word “everlasting”, the party was themed "2019, CSE Everlasting" with long-lasting wishes. Representatives from the sponsor Phoenix Contact (China) Holding., Ltd, the CSE leadership, faculty members and nearly a thousand graduate and undergraduate students attended the big event to savor this precious moment. Meanwhile, students who won the Phoenix special scholarship were officially awarded at site.


Prof. SHAO Zhijiang, the Dean of CSE, delivered the opening speech, expressing a warm welcome and glorious expectation to everyone. Then together with the company representatives, the college leadership awarded the two undergraduate students winning the Phoenix Special Scholarship, i.e. WU Rumeng and ZHAI Ruikun, as well as other ten students with Phoenix Scholarship, namly LIU Moya, DAI Yunxiang, SHEN Ziyan, ZHOU Wenhao, TANG Li, SHEN Ying, LU Pengcheng, MA Huifang and QIN Yazhou. The Vice President of Phoenix Contact (China), Miao Jinghong addressed a speech at the awarding ceremony, expressing her sincere gladness and wishes.




Various programs depicted a colorful panorama of the green days on campus. Every audience immersed into the vivid performance flashing back the life moments passed in 2018, no matter it was in study or daily life, and no matter it was filled with joys or tears. Through all these delights everyone waved goodbye at the passed year and looked ahead into a new one.


As the opening show, the "Bboom Bboom" with ardent dance and popping rhythm instantly beat everyone’s heart, and gave an excellent beginning of the following exciting repertoire. Besides remarkable scientific achievements that we knew in ordinary days, students outstood in terms of art on the stage. Performers showed dazzling singing and dancing, as well as extraordinary skills in instruments-playing. Acapella by La Band Basso Semitone, Belly Dance full of Central Asia Style, piano music joined by conventional Chinese instrument Erhu and series of vocal solo enriched the aesthetic enjoyment for the audience.


Faculty members also presented great art talents that rarely seen in serious academic atmosphere. Both the solo from Mr. CAO Zheng and the touching chorus of ZMART, the team of aerial robotics led by Dr. XU Chao and Dr. ZHANG Yu who won the IARC 7th mission world championship,received long-lasting applause. Moreover, the grand chorus "We Are Family" of the faculty representatives reached the deep sense of belonging for the college at the bottom of everyone’s heart, which definitely crowned the evening.


In addition to all these above, there were plenty of cunning programs with innovative ideas. The student magician ZHANG Pufan played a prophet, accurately predicting the clothing of an incoming student who was randomly chosen and her answer to say. In the shadow dance "Home" created by undergraduate Class1701, performers postured behind a curtain, showing the audience the famous idiom “Home Sweet Home”.


The evening event left with a perfect ending where everyone was impressed after the delicate performance which lasted for over 200 minutes. The success of the evening was forged by every planner, volunteer and actor, and tempered by the infinite support from the entire college. Indeed, it reflects the warmth and unity of the CSE family.


On the edge of new year, let us make wishes at the one and only “2019, CSE Everlasting”, hoping every teacher and student all the best, striving for a better CSE and embracing a magnificent 2019!



Reporter: WANG Zhicheng

Photo: XIN Shuo, TAO Xinyu

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